The O'Clock

The O'Clock displays time by drawing an arc, clockwise, from the small hand to the large hand. The hands are not shown; they are the hands as used by a normal clock to display time.

The O'Clock exists as a tangible entity too - that is: I've made one prototype so far. Here are photographs, showing the time at 10:31 and 10:58.

And of course, there's the screensaver. For MacOSX, NextStep BackSpace and Macintosh After Dark (both still referring to it under the old name of Tiggr's Clock). O'Clock screensaver for Windows '95/'98/NT. Tiggr's O'Clock as a module for xlock: diffs for xlock 4.13.

There's more:

The O'Clock is Copyright © 1993 by Pieter J. Schoenmakers.
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