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Recent news
  • (Fri Apr 3 1998) For those eager to use TOM with a GUI, and who can't wait for TAG to be finished, at least up to the level that it is usable, the TOM-Gtk bindings provide a viable alternative, that is available now.
  • (Mon Mar 9 1998) See the screenshot-based change log of It! to track the development of TAG. A lot is happening there.
  • (Tue Feb 17 1998) TAG has moved to http://www.gerbil.org/tag/, and is no longer part of the TOM Homepage.
Current version: unreleased.
TAG stands for TOM Abstract GUI. TAG is a device independent GUI programming library with the following (intended) features:
  • supported displays: currently only X11, in the future also OpenStep/Rhapsody and Windows 95/NT.
  • supported printing: currently only PostScript.
  • a programming model based on OpenStep, but without depending on Display PostScript and programmed in TOM instead of Objective-C.
  • device independent color model supporting RGB/CMYK/HSB colors. TAG uses dithered colors if an exact match is not available.
  • Unicode character and font handling.
  • an Interface Builder, called BIT, which Builds Interfaces for TAG.
  • a program written for TAG will run unmodified on any future display supported by TAG. Not even recompilation is necessary; support for the new display can be dynamically loaded.
  • other: drag & drop, standard color panel, pasteboard server, TOM Distributed Objects-based client IPC, etc.

A major component of TAG is BIT, the application that Builds Interfaces for TAG. TAG will be developed in conjunction with BIT: during development TAG will offer what BIT needs. BIT, like TAG, is written in TOM. BIT depends solely on TAG and is independent of the underlying windowing system.

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