File tag/BitmapImageRep

class tag.BitmapImageRep


State supers


redefine void
  load tom.Array arguments;
Register us with the ImageRep class.

instance tag.BitmapImageRep


public pointer planes;
The data planes. planes points to an array of num_planes pointers.
public int num_planes;
The number of planes. This is 1 for meshed configuration.
public int bytes_per_row;
The number of bytes per full row.
public int bits_per_sample;
The number of bits per sample.
public int samples_per_pixel;
The number of samples per pixel.
public int bits_per_pixel;
The number of bits per pixel in each plane. This is bits_per_sample for planar bitmaps, and bits_per_sample * samples_per_pixel for meshed bitmaps.
public int color_space;
The color space of this image.
boolean alpha;
Iff TRUE, this bitmap representation has an alpha channel.
boolean planar;
Iff TRUE, samples for each of the color/transparency components are stored in a seperate plane.


  initWithBitmapDataPlanes pointer p
                      size (float, float) (w, h)
             bitsPerSample int bps
                  hasAlpha boolean has_alpha
                  isPlanar boolean config
                colorSpace int cs
               bytesPerRow int row_bytes;

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