File x/Colormap

class x.Colormap


State supers

instance x.Colormap


public Screen screen;
The screen on which this colormap resides.
public int colormap;
The underlying X colormap.
tom.MutableMapped colors;
Mapping from color to representation on the display.
public int color_space;
The color space on this map. Is always RGB or WHITE.
int base_pixel;
The base pixel, i.e. black. Other colors are relative to this pixel value.
int red_max;
Maximum values of the primary colors. Grayscale info is stored in the red component.
int green_max;
int blue_max;
int red_mul;
Multiplication factors for the binary primary components.
int green_mul;
int blue_mul;


private id
        init int x_id
          on Screen s
  colorSpace int cs
        muls (int, int, int) (rm, gm, bm)
       maxes (int, int, int) (rx, gx, bx)
        base int bp;
Designated initializer.

(int, int, int)
Return the vital information (base, maxes, muls) in WHITE space.

(int, int, int, int, int, int, int)
Return the vital information (base, maxes, muls) in RGB space.

(int, int, int, int)
Get the pixel values to use for 2-bit WHITE.

  xcolorFor tag.Color c;
Get a color.

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