A.2. Important macros

The following macro's are mandatory except when using the GNUmakefile.top.


The name of the unit being built. It depends on the actual makefile being used whether the unit will be built as a library, application, etc.


The names of the TOM source files in this unit, without extension. All TOM source files have `t' as their extension, hence explicitly listing the extension is rather superfluous.


The names of the units depended upon by the UNIT. These units will appear in the uses clause of the unit file. If unspecified, USES_UNITS defaults to tom, i.e., the standard TOM library unit.


The names of the units to be linked with the UNIT to produce the final result. For bin and app targets, this must include the tom unit, and every unit specified in the USES_UNITS. For load targets, this should include everything not already in the application into which loading is performed.

If unspecified, the LINK_UNITS are set equal to the USES_UNITS for bin and app targets, and set to NONE for load targets. NONE (case is important) means that the result will be linked against no other units.