From: tiggr at (Pieter Schoenmakers)
To: tom at
Subject: TOM: tesla update
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 17:27:32 +0100 (MET)

I started on glue code libraries today (so TOM program can easily use
existing libraries, such as the GNU Readline library), and thought that
since Tesla is already functional, I should use it whenever possible,
instead of tomc.  The disappointment was that it could not cope with the
interface (.j) files as they are installed.  The good side of the story
((non- dis-) appointment?) is that this proved not to difficult to add,
and tesla has become MUCH faster!  This is obvious, since it does not need
to read (and skip) the method bodies any more.  Instead of the previously
reported ( 14 seconds to compile
itself (from .t into .c), time is down to 9 seconds.  This is pretty cool!
It'll be in tonight's developer snapshot, including new (and necessary)
snapshots for tom.  Also the glue libraries framework and mod_TOM will be

Wonderful how much one can do when one does not need to write one's
dissertation!  --bounceTiggr
(Quoted run times are CPU time (u+s) on 266MHz Pentium-II machines.)