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This is the (head of the) screenshot-based change-log on Illustrate It!, in reverse chronological order. Last time I worked on It! was April 20th 1998. I wish I had the time to continue, but other things are more important. Anyway, now it only shows how much one can do in eleven days, given the right language and tools... :-)

Mon Apr 20 14:15:09 1998

Used some time this weekend to add rectangles and ellipses.

  1. Image 1 shows the new tools in the ToolkIt.
  2. Creating a rectangle.
  3. The same, but with SHIFT pressed, the object created will have identical sides (the rectangle will be a square; the ellipse a circle).
  4. Resizing a rectangle.
  5. With CONTROL pressed, resizing is done from the center of the object. CONTROL will also work during creation (SHIFT during resize has not yet been implemented).

Ellipses function fully analoguous to rectangles, but I don't dare to show them yet, since they do not look like ellipses yet :-) (The assumption that ax == ay == 0 in the curves is wrong.)

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Thu Apr 16 00:50:05 1998

Another evening session (the eleventh working-day equivalent, I think). Done some details in TAG again (added Panel; implemented the main/key window abstraction), and implemented the groundwork for the inspector panel. Right now, the active document shows nice `empty selection' and `multiple selection' inspectors for the obvious occasions, and there is a default inspector for objects, which is shown below.
One notable addition today is that Illustrate It! has had the first revision of its file format. Since the file format mostly is a (human readable) object archive, this revision is nothing more than an archiving version bump of a single class (the `closed' attribute of a Shape path, if you really want to know). However, It! has been shown to correctly write the new version (duh!), and correctly read both the old and the new version, so the machinery underlying the support of an evolving file format has been shown to work. I intend to maintain this level of format support throughout It! development: at any time you can use It! for something real, and be certain that future versions will be able to read your files. (It's an intention, not a promise. Fingers crossed; no warranty.)

Tue Apr 14 15:04:00 1998

Full session last night. Fixed the object selection behaviour and added incremental selection: click with SHIFT pressed toggles the selected state of the object or point. Another, most visible, change: modifying a curve by dragging control points has been implemented. The images below show:
  1. A path with three points (and two curve segments).
  2. The rightmost control point is being dragged, thereby modifying the two control points of the selected point. Both the original path and the path resulting from the modification are shown.
  3. After releasing the mouse, the path has been modified. Fully un-/re-doable, of course.

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Sat Apr 11 01:35:30 1998

Found a few hours to work on It! again. No screenshot-able changes though:

Fri Mar 20 01:32:50 1998

Numerous changes and additions in a short session:

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Mon Mar 16 01:48:11 1998

New tool: the path tool (image 1), to be used to create paths (with exactly one sub-path). Currently, it can create a path with the first point, and the user interface of adding another point is functional (in image 2, with the mouse down at the selected point; the mouse is busy dragging the lower right of the three (cross-shaped) control points).

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Older screenshots (`The Beginning') are here.
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