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This is part 0, or The Beginning, of the screenshot-based change-log on Illustrate It!, in reverse chronological order. More recent.

Sun Mar 15 01:59:06 1998

Full session, but only 10 minutes work on It!. TAG now supports Bezier curves, even on an X11 display. The 10 minutes work on It! involved getting the document class to draw two curves, plus debugging the curve code. These curves can not yet be manipulated, as they are only drawn, not existing!

Thu Mar 12 22:17:35 1998

Does a quick hack of about an hour count as a day, a night, or even a session? No it doesn't. New functionality: A document can be exported in Encapsulated PostScript format. True, there are only lines at the moment, and the output is sent to stdout, but the framework is there, and it works.

Wed Mar 11 01:06:12 1998 (talking about timing!)

Seventh evening: selected objects can be dragged about. This is fully un/re-doable of course. Since a line object does not yet handle clicks on itself as opposed to one of its points, only points can be currently dragged (select all points to drag the whole line).
  1. the selected points; the image consists of lines; the bottom line is not selected; the four lines ending near it have their top points selected; the lines in the top triangle have all their points selected; the selection was created by rubber banding over that triangle,
  2. dragging one of the selected points (I should find a way to tell xv to also grab the image of the pointer). Notice how both the original and the modified lines are visible, and
  3. the situation after releasing the mouse.

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Mon Mar 9 01:06:11 1998

Session 6. No `visible' changes; at least not screenshot-able. Major invisible changes: multi-level undo/redo, and object selection by clicking on them, in addition to the previously offered selecting by rubber banding.

Thu Mar 5 17:57:30 1998

Session 5. Menus. The ornaments in the title bar are CTWM's. With some imagination, the left window is titled `It', and the right one `Edit'.)

Mon Mar 2 01:21:02 1998

Fourth session. Objects, once created, become selected (1). Rubber banding selection also works (2; the mousepointer is not included in the grab, but was present at the lower right corner of the rectangle). Objects that consist of points (such as lines, polygons, and bezier curves, collectively called `shapes') have their points selected by the rubber banding (3; the lower point is selected).

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Fri Feb 27 15:44:03 1998

Third night. New plug-it: the line drawing tool (skeleton). Mouse events are passed to the active tool. The document's layers are offered to lock event locations to something. Currently, the grid layer locks to the grid's minor points. In the future, a layer containing objects will be able to lock to existing points in the drawing, and a guides layer will lock to a nearby guide. Obviously, higher layers have priority over lower ones.

Wed Feb 25 12:46:58 1998

The tool kit works. There's only one tool at the moment, the selection tool. I choose not to make the tool kit and the selection tool plug-its. Their functionality is so basic that they are part of the framework, i.e. part of the application.

Mon Feb 23 15:32:45 1998

Fruit of the First Night: a document with a grid. Noticeable about this picture: even this grid is a plug-in. Hmmm... with the program being called It!, the plug-ins will be plug-its!

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