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gp 0.5
mu 1.0

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Below is a list of software packages (programs and libraries) written in TOM. Most (all) packages need the latest snapshots of the packages on which they depend. (The name of each packaghe is a link to its latest developer snapshot sources.) Most notably, the latest released version of the TOM compiler often lasts less than a month. So, make sure to get the snapshots.

tom_maze   A 3D maze (screenshot) in which to walk around, by John Jensen. Uses TOM/Gtk.
Tesla The new TOM compiler under development, written in TOM.
tm Meta TOM (with a reversed acronym since mt is the magnetic tape handler) extracts documentation from TOM files in any imaginable format, be it html, texinfo or what else; it is based on mu.
gp Parser generator. It includes a library and is therefore listed under libraries (see below).
Illustrate It! Illustrate It! has its own page.
ATM   The Apache TOM Module (aka mod_TOM) allows the Apache HTTP daemon to be extended in TOM, in a way similar to mod_PERL.
TOM/Gtk   TOM bindings for the Gtk+ toolkit. It includes working examples, which are translations of existing Gtk examples in C and Python. Read about using TOM/Gtk. There are no TOM/Gtk screenshots, since they would be identical to the Gtk screenshots :-)

As with most packages, a development snapshot of TOM/Gtk is available from this location. At the moment (Mon May 31 1999), TOM/Gtk is up to date with Gtk+ 1.2.2 and Gnome 1.0.8.

gp An LL(1) parser generator for TOM (version 0.5 of Oct 19 1999). GP generates recursive descent parsers; each parser is an instance of the generated parser class. Included is the gps unit, which provides a skeleton for gp-generated parsers. See also the documentation, TOM gp - gp generates parsers.
mu The Meta Unit (version 1.0 of Oct 19 1999), containing a TOM/unit lexer, gp-based TOM and unit parsers and other stuff for processing TOM files.
tdbc TOM DataBase Connectivity. TOM wrapper for various database access libraries, similar to the Python Database API and Java JDBC. Currently available as a developer shapshot which only provides PostgreSQL access.
TAG The TOM Abstract GUI has its own page.
glue TOM Glue Project. TOM libraries that wrap popular C libraries. Currently this wraps the GNU Readline and History libraries.

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