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This is the TOM Archived News Page. Old news has been edited to at least make all the links on this page point to an existing page. For current news, see the main page.
Mon Jan 31 2000
VIM is the first editor to have a TOM mode, by Joost Yervante Damad.
Sat Jan 1 2000
Happy hacking! Now with guidance by the TOM Bug Database maintained by Bruce.

Sun Oct 31 1999
Feature: On the Flexibility of Programming Languages (4k words) (abstract).

Tue Oct 19 1999
Released gp 0.5, mu 1.0, and Tesla 0.91.

Sun Oct 17 1999
Added the TOM Programming Language Frequently Asked Questions.

Fri Oct 15 1999
Released TOM version 1.1.1.

Thu Oct 7 1999
Another TOM sighting: an article in the Bits & Chips technology news letter (in Dutch, translation).

Sat Oct 2 1999
Released TOM version 1.1.

Thu Sep 23 1999
TOM sighting in the Eindhoven University of Technology weekly, Cursor: Een soort van tijger en een nieuwe programmeertaal (in Dutch).

Wed Sep 22 1999
Added TOM blocks in Tesla, with interesting examples.

Sat Aug 21 1999
Now available: anonymous CVS access to TOM.

Mon Aug 9 1999
A binary package of TOM on FreeBSD is now available here.

Thu Jul 15 1999
Due to popular demand, I've gone through the effort of putting the TOM mailing-list archive on-line. It appeared to not be any effort at all, thanks to MHonArc.

Sun Jun 6 1999
Released TOM version 1.0.

Tue Jun 1 1999
Added a TOM publication: the Ph.D. thesis of Pieter Schoenmakers, entitled Supporting the Evolution of Software.

Fri Apr 30 1999
Added a TOM/Gtk News page.

Mon Mar 1 1999
Added a TOM Tasks page, and revampled the home page menu.

Thu Feb 18 1999
TOM/Gtk has been updated to Gtk+ 1.1.15 and Gnome 0.99.8. Some bindings will however still be missing. Bring out your patches!

Sat Jan 16 1999
I sure like proof of concepts that can be done in one night. Here is one for the Apache TOM Module (mod_TOM, tentatively known as ATM). Description and tar file.
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