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This is an archive of the TOM News Page from before 1999. Old news has been edited to at least make all the links on this page point to an existing page.
Mon Dec 7 1998
TOM Solaris port by Miroslav Silovic.

Thu Oct 8 1998
TOM 0.99.3 released.

Tue Sep 29 1998
TOM Highlight: Fast TOM Example 1: Extensibility.

Fri Sep 25 1998
Matt Kimball is doing some excellent work in porting TOM to Microsoft win32.

Tue Jul 28 1998
Tesla version 0.1 (pre-alpha) released.

Mon Jul 27 1998
Andreas has put his GTK Tutorial, the TOM edition on line.

Fri Jul 24 1998
TOM Highlight: The New Selector Syntax or how an ugly hack was accepted as `normal' for too long.

Fri Jul 17 1998
Tesla, the new TOM compiler under development, boots!

Tue Jul 14 1998
Released TOM 0.99.2.

Mon Jul 13 1998
Andreas Kostyrka has written An introduction to programming Gnome in TOM.

Wed Jul 8 1998
Fully updated library units documentation, now also available in PostScript.

Mon Jul 6 1998
TOM gp - gp generates parsers manual (draft) is available.

Tue Jun 2 1998
First snapshot of Tesla, the new TOM compiler under development, can be found here.

Thu May 14 1998
Newly supported machine: the Alpha running Red Hat 5 Linux.

Sun May 3 1998
TOM Highlight: Conditions: the creation, signaling, raising, and handling of conditions; non-local gotos employing catch and throw; unwind protection.

Thu Apr 30 1998
TOM/Gtk is today's news at Gnome. The TOM/Gtk bindings are being actively maintained and developed by Andreas Kostyrka.

Mon Apr 20 1998
TOM Highlight: Method preconditions and postconditions.

Tue Apr 14 1998
TOM/Gtk 0.11 released, matching Gtk+ version 1.0.0.

Thu Apr 9 1998
TOM/Gtk 0.10 released.

Mon Apr 6 1998
TOM 0.99.1 released, including binaries for Debian (i386) and HP-UX

Sun Apr 5 1998
Highlight of the week: TOM/Gtk bindings: tutorial on the TOM bindings for Gtk and Gdk and their use, with examples.

Fri Apr 3 1998
TOM has Gtk+ bindings. It is work in progress; fetch the snapshot to play. This includes lots of examples.

Mon Mar 30 1998
Highlight of the week: Method forwarding: the mechanism and its speed.

Tue Mar 24 1998
This week's Highlight sheds some (flash-) light on Glueing TOM and C.

Wed Mar 18 1998
Highlight: Multiple Inheritance.

Tue Mar 17 1998
Andreas Kostyrka provides RedHat packages of the TOM packages, and more.

Mon Mar 9 1998
A new highlight: Using a debugger (gdb) to debug TOM programs.

Mon Mar 2 1998
This week's highlight: The target/action paradigm.

Sun Feb 22 1998
Second highlight: Why methods do not declare the exceptions they raise.

Tue Feb 17 1998
Interim version 0.99 released.

Sun Feb 15 1998
TOM has moved to

Tue Feb 10 1998
Windowshot of TAG work in progress.

Mon Feb 2 1998
Debian package version 0.99-2 released.

Sun Jan 11 1998
The TOM Programming Language introduction to TOM now available in HTML for on-line viewing.

Tue Jan 6 1998
Debian package of the TOM compiler, tools and libraries is available.
TAG mailing list has been created.

Sun Dec 21 1997
Thu Dec 18 1997
I have had some time again to spend on TAG, with new classes and a new screenshots showing them in action.

Tue Nov 4 1997
The first publication has appeared.

Tue Oct 14 1997
After a week of experimenting, the new layout of the TOM pages has been fixed to what you now see. The navigation bar at the left hand side is present on all pages, enabling easy top-level navigation.

Sat Aug 30 1997
Added the Developer's Corner.

Mon Aug 4 1997
Added a Distributed Objects example.

Sun Aug 3 1997
Release of TOM version 0.91.

Sat Aug 2 1997
TOM has been ported to Linux PowerPC.

Mon Jul 28 1997
BIT GUI does links

Wed Jul 23 1997
BIT reaches proof-of-concept

Wed Jul 9 1997
Fixed the binary distribution URLs in the sources page.

Thu Apr 24 1997
Wrote an extensive description of the TOM Basic Standard Environment.

Mon Mar 24 1997
Binary distribution of TOM 0.03 available for Linux.

Fri Mar 21 1997

Tue Jan 14 1997
Updated the projects list now that distributed objects is being worked on.

Sat Dec 28 1996
Updated to new domain name (used to be, and has now become

Tue Nov 26 1996
Provide a new picture for TAG.

Updated everything, i.e. the stable snapshots, binary distributions, and (hopefully) all pages, to the new TOM syntax, where the `;' is a terminator just as in C. The paper docs however haven't been revised yet.

Tue Nov 19 1996
Also provide a binary distribution for Linux.

Mon Nov 18 1996 [Tue Nov 19 1996]
Provide a binary distribution for black nextstep and various hpux machines.

Tue Nov 12 1996
The Invocation class has been fully implemented. Invocations can be created, fired, and curried. A curried invocation can be completed automatically as part of the method forwarding mechanism.

Fri Nov 1 1996
  • Added multi-threadedness and thread-local variables to the features.
  • Added a screenshot picture to TAG.

Sun Oct 27 1996
Added TAG, the TOM Abstract GUI.

Thu Oct 17 1996
The Unicode example is becoming is very useful program, mostly because its functionality is needed for the String classes, but also to satisfy those stumbling upon it searching for Unicode at Alta Vista :-)

Wed Oct 2 1996
The documentation page now contains a draft introduction to TOM.

Sun Sep 8 1996
With the release of version 0.02, the homepage has been slightly revamped.

No wait, the news is that version 0.02 is available!

Sat Sep 7 1996
Documentation generated from the TOM sources is now available. It isn't perfect yet, but that is only a matter of time. Pointers to the documentation are available on the documentation page.

Fri Aug 30 1996
The distribution directory now supplies diffs for the snapshots. Furthermore, three new packages which are under development are also provided. See the packages for more information.

Mon Jul 8 1996
Extended the information on the runtime and the TOM tools in the TOM language reference manual.

Added the recently changed files.

Fri Jul 5 1996
The first release of TOM, version 0.01. See the resources.

Thu Jul 4 1996
Dynamic resolution and dynamic loading work and have been incorporated into the stable release.

Tue Jul 2 1996
Dynamic loading works (and has been removed from the projects list). There won't be another stable release however before it fully works on all platforms and in all contexts.

Mon Jun 17 1996
Added a few pages on typing to the TOM language reference manual.

Mon Jun 10 1996
Updated the projects.

Fri Jun 7 1996
TOM has been ported to FreeBSD on an Intel box. Incidentally I also solved the GNU CC __builtin_return problem some i386 unices are suffering and which was especially severe for Objective-C, since the GNU runtime uses it. Eh, were suffering that is, of course. I can't understand why nobody else solved this; all I had to do was learn i386 and i387 assembly :-)

Thu Jun 6 1996
TOM has been ported to linux on an intel box.

Wed Jun 5 1996
Added some more class descriptions for TOM.
Created the news file.
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